Various types of spare parts and units of test benches are available
and can be supplied. Please contact us for more details if any parts
or units of test benches are not listed below.

¡ó Standard Test Injectors
¡ó Standard Glass Graduates
¡ó Accumulator Assembly with Swing Arm
¡ó High Pressure Test Pipes
¡ó Tachometer & Controller
¡ó Accessories and Attachments
¡ó Pump Dismounting & Mounting Tools

¡ó Standard Test Injectors

Standard Test Injector Assembly is one of the most important components for test bench.
The assembly is very precise equipment, consisting of standard nozzle, injector holder,
pressure spring, filter, demister, and other precise components. It is made
according to ISO standards and is fully complied with the requirements. Standard Injectors Assembly

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¡ó Standard Measuring Graduates

Sizes available: 45ml, 150ml, 260ml, 450ml, 600ml

¡ó Standard Accumulator Cups

Two types available: four pieces set and three pieces set.
4 pcs set: inner bush, outer bush, cup, pin valve
3 pcs set: bush, cup, pin valve Standard Accumulator Cups

¡ó Accumulator Assembly with Swing Arm

Complete set of accumulator assembly with swing arm it is mounted on is available
for substitution of the assembly on second hand Bosch, Hartridge test benches.

¡ó High Pressure Test Pipes

Various sizes of connecting threads and the length are available. Tachometer & Controller

¡ó Tachometer & Controller

This is an integrated controlling device, making operation of test bench easy and efficient.
The tachometer, digital display, control panel, presetting and programming, all in one
(the picture shows a new type tachometer / controller).

¡ó Accessories and Attachments A part of accessories and attachments

Except standard accessories and attachments supplied with each test bench,
orders for additional test bench accessories are acceptable.

¡ó Pump Dismounting & Mounting Tools

Complete sets of multi-purpose tools, tools for in-line pumps, tools for VE distributor pumps are available.

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