The Common Rail System has been designed to meet the continued demands for reduced emissions, increased efficiency and better engine performance. Today the Common Rail System has been widely used in heavy duty, light commercial and passenger diesel vehicles, and is becoming more and more important in the diesel industry.

The BOSS DIESEL CR1000 Series Testers are designed to meet the high demands of diesel injection service workshops and garages, providing workshops and garages with the most cost-effective and quick solutions.

Adapted with different accessories and test stands, the CR1000 Series will test all makes of common rail pumps and common rail injectors efficiently and safely, such as BOSCH (CP1, CP2, CP3), DELPHI, DENSO and SIEMENS common rail systems.

Common rail injector tester CR1000 Series, it can imitate ECU Engine Control Unit of diesel engine it can also supply
common rail system control signal as BOSCH, DELPHI to drive common rail injector working. It can test BOSCH, DELPHI, DENSO etc. Common Rail Injectors, and fulfill common rail injector single time testing, fuel back and supply quantity, open pressure testing purpose and display practical rail pressure, atomization, pressure-proof and wearing testing data. Drive signal data can be adjusted and saved by user to help decide
and repair.

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CR1000 Common Rail Injector Tester
Main features & specifications:

The main features and specifications of common rail injector tester, Series CR1000 are as following:

Characters and functions
1.To test common rail injector of Bosch, Siemens, Delphi,
2.To test one pc of common rail injector once
3.To test the quantity of oil supply
4.To test the quantity of oil return
5.To test the open pressure of common rail injector
6.To display the rail pressure:0-180MPa
7.To check the atmospheric effects
8.To finish compression test for common rail injector
9.To finish running in test for common rail injector

Product characteristics

1. It can support common rail injector of high speed
solenoid valve type and piezoelectric type;
2. Six channels for common rail injector;
3. Support many kind of rail pressure sensors
4. Intelligent PID arithmetic with more accurate pressure
5. Short circuit safeguard in soft hardware two sides
6. Safeguarding design to protect worker.



Part No.           Description
1000-200      CR1000 Common Rail Injector Tester

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