We are continously making technical innovations, we can make a better Diesel Tester. Yes, we can!

Company Profile

As a specialist manufacturer, BOSS DIESEL has designed and built accurate, cost-effective, easy-to-use, and easy-to-maintain Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Equipment and Cummins Fuel System Test Equipment for the diesel injection industry.

Our diesel test equipment has been widely used in automotive, agricultural, construction, industrial, marine, military and education applications.
Complete standard accessories and attachments included with diesel test equipment enable the most common fuel injection pumps, Cummins PT pumps, Cummins PT injectors and electronic injectors, manufactured by Cummins, Bosch, Zexel, Denso, CAV-Lucas, Delphi, Stanadyne, Caterpillar etc. to be tested efficiently and safely. No any other Asian manufacturers are so professionally concentrated on the diesel fuel injection test equipment required for diesel related industries.

Extensive Line of Diesel Injection Test Equipment

The extensive line of diesel test equipment mainly consists of diesel fuel injection pump test benches for in-line and distributor pumps, Cummins fuel system test equipment, standard test injectors, accessories and tools. The rated power of test benches ranges from 5.5 hp to 30 hp (4 kW to 22 kW), and extra heavy duty test benches up to 102hp (75kW). Cummins PT fuel system test equipment mainly consists of Cummins PT pump test stands, Cummins PT injector test stands, Cummins electronic injector test stands, Cummins injector leakage testers, STC top stop test stand, disassembly & assembly stands / tools. Injector nozzle testers have also been sold worldwide in large quantity due to the characteristics of compact structure and ease of operation.

The test benches comply with all requirements per ISO 4008 standards. And all test benches sold have one year guarantee.

Equipped with Frequency Variable Speed Controllers

From early 1990, frequency variable speed controlling system has been designed, developed and adopted in diesel fuel injecion pump test benches. This is a revolutionary step for the industry of test benches, which have become more reliable, accurate, efficient, productive, convenient, energy saving and compact. For its ease of operation, speed, accuracy and reliability, this new type test bench has become the best seller, being used extensively by research institutes, laboratories, injection pump producers, service centers, repair workshops, garages, and technical training schools. The key device Frequency Variable Speed Controllers (frequency inverters) are directly from SIEMENS, LG and Schneider Electric (branded Merlin Gerin, Modicon, Square D, Telemecanique), fully conformed to the requirements of IEC standards.

Model EPS 619 (EPS 615, EPS 622), Model D100

It is our persistent effort to provide ourcustomers affordable test benches of good value. With our credible, creditable experience of more than forty years, we are proud to add that we are manufacturing only Test Benches with precision, dependability and durability with low cost of ownership. Our test benches can sweep away the desire to buy second hand test machines or procure high costed brand new machines. Our test benches can readily satisfy and fulfill the dreams of procurement of all alike.

For the past many years, we have been supplying the end users with high quality, reliable, and affordable diesel test equipment. Nowadays, we are striving for new aim, that is to meet the highest standards for worldwide customers.

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